E-text: Hamletmachine (Heiner Müller)

Heiner Muller
Heiner Muller

Heiner Muller (photo: myopera.com)

I was Hamlet. I stood on the coast and spoke with the surf BLABLA at my back the ruins of Europe. The bells sounded in the state funeral, murderer and widow a pair, the town councilors in goose-step behind the coffin of the High Cadaver, wailing in badly-paid grief WHO IS THE CORPSE IN THE MEAT-WAGON’S STY / FOR WHOM IS
THERE SUCH A HUE AND CRY? / THE CORPSE IS OF A GREAT / GIVER OF ESTATE The pillar of the population, work of his statecraft HE WAS A MAN WHO ONLY TOOK ALL FROM ALL.

(pdf, eng)

traduzione di Dennis Redmond

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